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COVID-19: Supporting our Customers

25 June 2020

At Panthera Finance Group, we have been continually assessing and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic as the impact on the community has evolved. Each of our Group brands have implemented a number of measures to safeguard the wellbeing of our customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

Panthera Finance has taken the following action.

Supporting our Customers

We are committed to respecting the financial, health and social well-being of all our customers, and we are here to provide support and flexibility throughout this difficult time.

In March 2020, we implemented the following measures to help safeguard the financial wellbeing of our community. As of May 2020, these measures were extended for an additional three months.

  • Suspending the accrual of interest, default listings and late payment fees on all accounts;
  • Continuing to offer payment holidays and place accounts on hold (where appropriate); and
  • Waiving the requirement for supporting documents for hardship applications.

We endeavour to listen to each individual customer’s unique situation to tailor an outcome that works for them. Our operational teams continue to focus on actively engaging with our customers to support them by offering flexible and sustainable customer solutions.

Supporting our Clients/Vendors

We are working closely with our clients and vendors to offer our mutual customers the necessary support to avoid adding financial pressure.

We also have digital hardship and digital-only customer communication products in market to offer to our client partners. Please contact Ryan Butcher (General Manager, Client Services) if you would like to discuss these.

Supporting our People

We have implemented a number of measures internally to safeguard the health of our people, some of which have included:

Social distancing compliance measures implemented in all offices with room capacity signage, 1.5m markings on the ground, and twice-daily WH&S checks of internal and external office areas;

  • Medical grade hygiene sanitisers on the walls of all common areas and entrances to offices;
  • Wipe down protocols and an increase in building maintenance and cleaning for common areas and toilets;
  • Work from home processes initiated to ensure continuity of business in case of a shut down, including a work from home policy and procedure to ensure safety at home for workers – this allows us to protect highly vulnerable staff who may be more susceptible to community transmission of COVID-19;
  • Improved video conferencing capability to ensure training and meetings are conducted without the need for our people to be in confined spaces for extended periods of time;
  • Providing staff with essential travel documentation to show to authorities if required to validate their reason for travel to one of our offices; and
  • Daily temperature checks of staff on premises to ensure anyone with a high fever seeks medical attention.

We acknowledge that these are unprecedented times, and we will continue to adapt and respond to the needs of our stakeholder groups. Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly if there is anything you wish to discuss.

If you are a Panthera Finance customer in need of support through this time, our dedicated customer care team can be reached on 1300 722 974.


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