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Focus Groups: Understanding Every Individual

At Panthera Finance Group, we are proud to have a strong relationship with our Community Partner, who is a highly regarded and trusted community service organisation within one of Australia’s largest welfare networks.

They actively shape our operational and hardship policies and processes, supporting us with meaningful understanding of how best we can empower our customers.

In collaboration with our Community Partner, we recently invited 20 of our customers to a professionally moderated focus group to gather feedback on their experience with Panthera Finance.

We wanted to open the conversation in a meaningful way to better understand how we can empower people to engage and manage their accounts on their terms.

The insights provided were so valuable that they have led us to transform how we engage with our customers. Based off their first-hand knowledge, experiences and views, we have spent recent months redesigning our portals, workflows and communications to ensure we are creating meaningful progress in the experience we provide our customers.

Our brand-new portal empowers customers with the autonomy and independence to interact with us how and when they choose. We look forward to introducing this revolutionary offering to the Australian market in coming weeks.


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