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Launch of the Panthera Foundation

22 June 2020

​​​​​​​The Panthera Foundation was established in late 2018 by the Founding Directors of Panthera Finance Group, Mathew and Jamie Hough.

Our Foundation believes in equipping Australians with the skills to make informed financial decisions, with three focus areas:

  • Improving financial literacy
  • Improving educational and employability opportunities, and;
  • Reducing the impact of domestic violence.

Jamie and Matt shared their drive behind establishing a Foundation. 

“We support Australian non-profit organisations who help the support the communities we operate in and enable our Foundation to deliver the most impact. We care about empowering the youth of Australia with the support and education to make informed decisions later in life. To help us deliver on this, we’re proud to share that our partner charities are Big Picture Education Australia, The Smith Family, and SYC.”

Our work with each charity partner includes:

Big Picture Education – Establishing more standalone Big Picture Education schools in each major Australian city, along with developing a financial literacy component to each student’s individual graduation portfolio.

The Smith Family – Delivering a suite of targeted financial literacy programs to help students along their educational journey, along with including Certificate I in Financial Services in their Learning for Life scholarship.

SYC – Assisting in the expansion of the Sticking Together Project across New South Wales and Queensland through the enhancement of web-based personal development tools and mobile device capabilities.

We have two primary methods of support – our Grant Program, and our volunteer initiatives. Our Grant Program provides annual grants to our partner charities, funding the above-listed projects and initiatives. Equipped with paid volunteer leave, Panthera Group employees are able to donate their time and professional skills to help our charity partners pursue their important work.

Visit the Panthera Foundation website to learn more about our charity partners and the initiatives we fund.



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