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Aswini Manoharan – Test Analyst at Panthera Finance Group

What is your background?

I’m Aswini from the beautiful state of Tamil Nadu, India. I started my career as an Electrical Engineer, and I soon learnt my passion was in technology and software. I made a career change into IT as a Software Engineer (Testing) in various locations across India. My first IT software project was in the banking world, where I learned how to write quality test cases and work in the fast-paced environment of software development. I really enjoy software testing because I get the chance to interact with various people and I can see the value I’m adding to the quality of the software product.

What position are you in now, and what has your career development journey involved?

I’m a Test Analyst at Panthera Finance. After joining this company, I learned how to see things in a positive way all the time and this has helped me in channelling my career goals. My career development is to grow my leadership capabilities, professional technical strategy, well-managed approach and methods in implementation and taking our solution to market and the exceptional dedication to the organization in both Manual and Automation technologies.

How did Panthera Finance Group help support this development journey?

It was indeed a dream come true joining this organization. Panthera has helped me hone my skills and manage my time effectively. It has been very gratifying and rewarding, and I’m always provided with opportunities and challenges beyond my current role which help me prove myself and achieve greater heights.

This has not only helped me grow as a better professional but also a better individual. Even during these unprecedented times (COVID-19), Panthera was able to smoothly transition from office to virtual mode effortlessly. It is the perfect place for me to work in a challenging, fast-growing environment with opportunities to learn cross-functional skills. It has a great work culture and a perfect work-life balance. There is a true sense of belonging, respect, and involvement at each level. I am glad to be a part of this company and an awesome team!

What technology projects do you work on in the Group?

I work on technologies like Java, Angular, Vue, .net, SQL, Azure on both front end and back end. I have worked on Panthera Finance Group software testing such as CrediBot and PayQuest. Recently, I have been testing our brand new Panthera Finance customer portal which is launching soon. I love the diversity in my role, and I love being able to learn new things when working as a team.

What career aspirations do you have for the future?

I’ve always loved testing because “testers succeed where others fail”, and that is where my interest lies. One day in the near future, I want to see myself leading a team and taking part in the business decision-making process. Within the next 10 years, I want to move through the corporate ranks and become a subject matter expert in manual testing.


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