Our Guiding Principles

Innovating and diversifying the credit experience for every Australian is part of our DNA. This means offering solutions that support our customers to get back on track and find financial stability, and providing our clients with innovative and ethical products and services. Everything we do is to progress the credit management industry, and our business value lies in fulfilling this vision. To keep us accountable, we have 4 guiding principles that we live and breathe across our organisation.

1. Solutions First

We’ve all accessed credit in our lives, and it’s beneficial for all parties involved that credit is paid back on-time or in-full. But we have never, and will never, bankrupt a customer, as we believe there is always a solution. We encourage our customers to pay what they can afford, whether it’s repayments on a loan with Gedda, or setting up a payment arrangement on an account with Panthera Finance. To make sure of this, we listen to each customer’s unique situation, and work with them to find a solution that works for them. If our customers know they are going to struggle maintaining their payments, we encourage them to get in touch so we can work out an arrangement that works for everyone.

2. Responsible Finance

We are passionate about not conducting payday lending, and we care about working with clients who have responsibly lended the credit that we are collecting on. We want the credit management experience to be as non-confrontational and empowering for our customers as possible. To do this, we invest heavily in the internal development of innovative digital platforms and customer experience training to empower our customers with autonomy and confidence. And if they need support, we’re here to listen.

3. Community

Through the Panthera Foundation, we care about investing back into the community with a focus on youth and young adults across Australia. We believe that when young Australians are equipped with the skills to make informed financial decisions, everyone benefits. We support non-profit organisations that share our purpose of improving financial resilience in the communities in which we operate.

4. Never Stop Learning

We’re on a journey, and part of that journey involves learning from the past and reflecting on the kind of organisation we want to be. We want people to feel confidence, trust and relief when interacting with our business. We want to take the confrontation and fear out of the credit management experience. And to do so, we will never stop learning, adapting and evolving, so we can fulfil our vision to be Australia’s most ethical, diverse and innovative credit management business.


Panthera Finance PRIDE Values

Our P.R.I.D.E Values

Panthera Finance developed five (5) key values which help guide our business and its success. Each of these values are bidirectional facing, so they are used when engaging our customers AND also when you are engaging your colleagues.  With everyone integrating these values into their work life here at Panthera Finance, our customers as well as colleagues will have a consistent positive experience.

Professional – Always act with professionalism.

Respectful – Treat all with respect.

Integrity – Show integrity by putting clients before money.

Deliver – Always deliver on promises made.

Excellence – Strive for excellence and exceed expectations.

Who are accountable for these Values?

We all are accountable to these implementing these values in our working time at Panthera Finance.  Whether you have just started working here or have been here since the start.  These Values help guide you in making the best decision while working at Panthera Finance.  Plus, there is nothing stopping you using them in your personal life if you feel that you can gain a personal benefit from them too.