More than just policies and codes - our commitment to compliance is embedded in our culture.

Our approach is comprehensive, with a significant investment of capital and time to develop market-leading technology and procedures which evolve with changing market requirements. This includes compliance with all applicable state and federal legislation, industry codes of conduct, and industry best practice. We adhere to the National Credit Code, the Privacy Act and Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), the Federal Trade Practices Act, the ASIC and ACCC Debt Collection Guideline, the Australian Banking Association’s Code of Practice and debt collection guidelines.

Designed with strong ethical foundations and a customer-centric approach, Panthera Group is dedicated to upholding not only our values and principles, but also those of our clients. Outcome over amount: our focus on responsible collection.


Panthera Finance Group developed our own customer relationship management tool, built with over a decade of experience in how communication practices and technology can work best in the debt collection industry. Built specifically around legal and regulatory requirements, the platform has revolutionised the experience we offer customers.

All communication is supported and monitored through the platform, whether it be though SMS, email, or phone call, enabling our contact centre operators to optimise the communication methods and techniques our customers prefer. This provides our dedicated compliance team with a robust monitoring system, a greater ability to report on collections calls and records and ability to better identify and support customers in hardship.

Training our People

Our levels of compliance and quality set a new standard for our industry. We have an unparalleled training and development framework, built around regulatory requirements and customer experience. Our commitment to training helps our team members navigate individual customer needs, ensuring consistent, fair solutions delivered with empathy and respect.

Our in-house Learning and Development team are constantly developing new ways to ensure that our people never stop learning. Our online learning centre hosts a number of modules, tools and resources that our employees can access anywhere, at anytime. In addition, our Learning and Development team frequently facilitate training courses, refresher sessions and leadership programs. Courses include resilience training, handling difficult situations, developing a growth mindset, and working with vulnerable and hardship customers.

All of our contact centre employees undergo an intensive six-week induction program, equipping them with the skills and experience to ensure they adhere to relevant laws and guidelines regarding privacy, hardship and debt collection.

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Community partnerships

We work in partnership with an innovative and trusted community service organisation within one of Australia’s largest welfare networks. Working in collaboration with our community partner, we seek advice and insight into how best we can produce courses, policies, codes of conduct and general operations that support Australians in financial hardship or family breakdown.


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We have established Internal and External Dispute Resolution procedures, as a holder of an Australian Credit License under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act. Our Internal Dispute Resolution procedure complies with standards and requirements set or approved by ASIC. Our dedicated Resolutions Team endeavour to resolve all complaints and disputes in a timely and efficient manner, as a first point of contact. Complaints of an especially urgent nature are given priority so as not to inconvenience customers by an unnecessarily drawn our resolution procedure. If complaints remain unresolved in our internal dispute resolution scheme, customers are welcome to go directly to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA), a free service established to provide an independent process to resolve complaints.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct has been developed around ACCC and ASIC requirements. Adherence to this Code underpins our core values and behaviours, guiding our approach to customers, colleagues and the community.

ACDBA Code of Practice

Panthera Group’s credit and receivables management brands adhere to the Australian Collectors and Debt Buyers Association (ACDBA) Code of Practice. This Code of Practice can be downloaded here.

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