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Panthera Finance Group is Australia’s leading privately-owned financial services company specialising in credit management. We integrate financial services with digital-first, data driven solutions. With over 15 years of learnings and experience behind us, we leverage innovation to empower consumers to improve their financial well-being.

Credit Management

For over 15 years, we have provided affordable and flexible credit management solutions that empower customers to restore their financial health.

Panthera Finance AU

Panthera Finance is Australia’s largest privately-owned debt ledger acquisition and debt collection company. Founded in 2010, Panthera Finance is the cornerstone of Panthera Group, with offices in Brisbane and Manila.

Panthera Finance has an exponential growth story and has established itself as the second largest PDL acquirer in the Australian market.

Panthera Finance NZ

Our New Zealand branch is an extension of Panthera Finance’s services, supporting clients across the Tasman with their credit recovery requirements.

State Mercantile

State Mercantile is a debt recovery provider which specialises in the collection of heavily overdue and delinquent accounts. Commencing business operations in 2004, State Mercantile saw the establishment of what is today, Panthera Finance Group.

ARL Collect

ARL Collect is a credit recovery solutions provider, offering a range of collections options for organisations and government agencies. With offices in Melbourne and Echuca, ARL supports clients with both commercial and consumer receivables service requirements.

Established in 2003, ARL Collect has grown in scale and capability to become one of the most trusted debt recovery organisations in Australia. ARL Collect was acquired by PF Group Holdings Pty Ltd in 2018.

Debt Management

We offer debt help solutions to Australians above $10,000 in debt. With United Debt Assist, we can discuss your story to find a way forward.

United Debt Assist

Life is too short to be living with the stress of uncontrollable debts. Within 60 days, we can help to restructure your debts, freeze fees and interest, and deliver a solution that works for you. Our process is simple. We’ve created a better way to manage the debts of Australians in financial difficulty with our real solutions, in real time.

We offer debt help solutions to Australians above $10,000 in debt. With United Debt Assist, we can discuss your story to find a way forward. Simply submit an enquiry form and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can call us directly on 07 3726 0102.

We’ll ask you a few questions to ensure that the solution we provide is the right fit for you, and can help set you on a better course.

Digital Platforms

At Panthera Finance Group, we integrate financial services with digital-first, data-driven solutions. We've leveraged over a decade of knowledge to create meaningful progress in digital platforms that deliver for clients and the customers they support.

Bill Chaser

Bill Chaser is an easy to use, risk-free online automated collections platform, built for business owners whose time is much better spent finding and completing the next job, rather than chasing up the last one.

Designed specifically for the needs of SME’s who can’t afford a collections or finance team, the Bill Chaser online platform enables businesses to load the debts they are owed in a simple, intuitive way. Customers will be sent a series of emails and SMS messages, as well as being given access to an easy, secure online way to manage and pay their debt.


CrediBot leverages Artificial Intelligence within a safe and secure platform, enabling businesses to reduce the cost of collections and increase customer engagement, with customisable segmented and automated workflows.

CrediBot enables businesses to give their customers the digital experience they deserve. Working in partnership with Equifax, CrediBot has three platform offerings created for unique business requirements – CrediBot Express, CrediBot and CrediBot Enterprise.


Panthera Finance Group developed PayQuest as our internal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, built with over a decade of experience in how communication practices and technology can work best in the credit management industry. Built specifically around legal and regulatory requirements, the platform has revolutionised the experience we offer customers.

All communication is supported and monitored through the platform, via SMS, email, or phone call, enabling our contact centre operators to optimise the communication methods and techniques our customers prefer. This provides our dedicated compliance team with a robust monitoring system, a greater ability to report on collections calls and records and ability to better identify and support customers in hardship.

Alternative Lending

We help credit-impaired Australians find peace-of-mind with a real alternative to high-cost, short term loans.

Gedda Money

Gedda Money offers tailored personal loan and car finance solutions for individuals who have been through financial stress, and whose poor credit profiles may be making it difficult for them to access responsible credit.

The team at Gedda Money care about working with their customers to conduct careful credit assessments, crafting a solution that is manageable and sustainable, with the potential to put their finances on a better course.

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